Screw eyes 38 mm open

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Screw eyes 38 mm open

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Open crew eyes 38 mm in stainless steel, so-called Heavy Duty, and are the most common for lure making, as they are extremely durable and fit for all types of predator lures between 10 - 50 cm.

These open screw eyes works for most types of lure building.

The advantage of an open screw eye is that it works as a link between jointed baits and if the bait requires direct application of hook, wire or lip without split ring.

You pull the loop over the screw eye and then easily clamp the screw joint together.

You can of course clamp them together and use them as standard screw eyes as well.

The outer diameter of the loop is 8.2 mm and the inner diameter is 4 mm.
The screw thickness is 2,3 mm.
When using softer wood such as pine, aspen, abachi, balsa etc. you pre drill with 1,5 mm drill and glue the loops with epoxy or super glue.
if you use harder woods like oak, book and redwood pre drill 1,8-2 mm and glue your loops with epoxy or super glue.

Fits Cupwashers in sizes CW2 - 6.4 mm and CW4 - 8mm.