Our privacy policy

Svartzonker Sweden AB and Betesbyggarkiosken protect your personal integrity.
This privacy policy describes the types of personal data that Betesbyggarkiosken / Svartzonker Sweden AB can handle, for what purposes and processing time. We also explain how you can exercise your rights as a registered person.

Personal data responsible
Svartzonker Sweden AB is a personally responsible person in accordance with the Universal Data Protection Ordinance (EU 2016/679) for the processing of personal data that takes place within the organization.
As a personally responsible person, Svartzonker Sweden AB is responsible for the safe processing of your personal information.

This privacy policy applies to:
• for personal data processing by private customers when purchasing in Bestesbyggarkiosken.
• for the personal data processing by retailers when purchasing in Bestesbyggarkiosken and / or Svartzonker Sweden AB.
• For the personal data processing that occurs when sending a newsletter.
• for the personal data processing in connection with reworking.

Personal data being processed
Our primary purpose of processing your personal information is that Svartzonker Sweden AB will be able to fulfill commitments to you as a private customer or retailer.
Personal data refers to all data that can be attributed to you as a person. Svartzonker Sweden AB may process the following information:
• Contact information such as name, address, telephone, e-mail
We do not process sensitive personal information provided there is no specific consent for handling these.

Source for personal data
Personal data processed by Svartzoner Sweden AB from the registered private customers or retailer.

Purpose of treatment and legal basis
Svartzonker Sweden AB processes personal information for the following purposes. The legal basis is given in brackets:
• Provide our products in accordance with applicable terms (Compliance Agreement)
• Business Relationship Management with Private Customers and Resellers (Compliance Agreement)
• Accounting purposes for private customers and retailers (Legal obligation)
• Information about our goods (Interested interest)
• Evaluation of recruitment (legitimate interest)

The processing time for your personal information will vary depending on the type of treatment that you are considering, the purpose of the treatment and the category of treatment belonging to.
• Personal data necessary for accounting purposes (Private Customer and Retailers) are stored for at least 7 years.
Personal data required for customer relationship management and the provision of our products are stored for 36 months after the active customer relationship has expired. The active customer relationship can end if an active termination is made by the customer via mail.
• In the event that the registered (Private Customer or Reseller) has consented to e-mail, the e-mail address will be stored until the registrant makes a cancellation.
• Personal data processed in connection with recruitment are stored during the recruitment process.

Your rights
According to the Data Protection Regulations, you own as registered the right to access information about your personal data processed within Svartzonker Sweden AB. To access this information, please send an email to gdpr@betesbyggarkiosken.se
You also own the right to have treatment limited, object to the treatment or have your data deleted.
We as personal data administrators are required to process personal information that is accurate and relevant based on the purpose. If you believe that a statement about you is misleading or incorrect or if you wish to withdraw your consent or object to the treatment, please email gdpr@betesbyggarkiosken.se and we will assist you.

If you feel dissatisfied with our processing of your information, you can report this to the Data Inspection at datespektionen@datainspektionen.se. More information is available at www.datainspektionen.se.

Svartzonker Sweden AB / Betesbyggarkiosken