Screw eyes 38 mm closed

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Screw eyes 38 mm closed

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Screw eyes 38 mm closed in stainless steel so-called Heavy Duty loops and the most common for lure making as they are extremely durable and fit for all types of predator lures between 10 - 50 cm.
The outer diameter of the screw eye is 8.2 mm and the inner diameter is 4 mm.
The screw thickness is 2,3 mm.
When using softer wood such as pine, aspen, abachi, balsa etc. you pre drill a hole with 1.5 mm drill and glue the loops with epoxy or super-glue.
If you use harder wood such as oak, book, redwood or book, you pre drill 1,8-2 mm and glue your eyes with epoxy or super-glue.
Fits with cupwashers in sizes CW2 - 6.4 mm and CW4 - 8mm.