Sundström half mask M/L

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Sundström half mask M/L

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Sundström Half mask

Made in one piece silicone with wide soft abutment surfaces for maximum fit.
Straight air flow into the mask and two exhalation valves provide very low breathing resistance.
Two exhalation valves minimize breathing resistance and reduce moisture formation in the mask. Belt rack and attachment in the mask distributes pressure evenly to the face.

The mask has a long life and is easy to maintenance with few spare parts.
The mask is delivered without filter and must be purchased to be able to use the mask.

We have two different filters for this mask:
- Organic filter for molding plastisol / rubber baits and for epoxy and solvent lacquering.
  - Filters for grinding and airbrush painting

Note! When you don't use the mask, put it in a sealed bag to keep the filters last longer.