Buzzer blades 3 pack

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Buzzer blades 3 pack

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Our buzz spinner blades are perfectly balanced, lightweight with lots of vibration and sound.
Make your own buzz spinner rigs, buzz baits or inline spinners.

Made of the finest aluminum for perfect vibration and surface milling.

Make a rig of it with our 1.2 mm stainless steel wire and some beads and attach it in front of your rubber bait, tail bait or crank bait for extra "bling" and enticing vibrations.

A tip if you want something out of the ordinary ..... build a spinner with a right blade and a left blade for super cool vibrations and sound.

- Length: 40.64 mm
- Width: 45.72 mm
- Diameter hole: 1.4 mm
- Thickness: 0.8 mm
- Material: Aluminum