Build a McShaker Pike Golden Black

Assemble your own McShaker Pike and catch the pike of your dreams!

The package contains what you need to put together two pieces of McShaker Pike that will give you the pike-strikes from hell!

With a pair of split ring pliers, creativity and a bit of joy, you have two pike magnets ready in just a few minutes.

Use your favorite jig or tail/paddle as a trailer.

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  • 1 x Hook stinger stopper 10 pack Chartreuse
  • 1 x McShaker Head Black 26 g 2 pack
  • 1 x McShaker Pike blade with snap 2 pack Gold
  • 1 x Silicon skirt 3 pack 220 mm Black/Gold
  • 1 x SZ Power Split rings 20 pack 8 mm
  • 1 x Trailer hook single 6/0 Black Nickel 5 pack

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