Plopping Kelly C6 Blue Silver

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Plopping Kelly C6 Blue Silver

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The Plopping Kelly is named after Svartzonker's oldest daughter and the shape is inspired by the classic McTail. Plopping Kellys slightly shaking action drives big fish crazy. It's an easy retrived topwater lure that runs low in the water for a better hook set in any speed.

Armed with oversized hooks and it's made to manage any kind of tough predatory fish.
Perfectly tuned straight out of the box with a heavy duty stainless steel blade.

"Get your's...... the mighty plopping topwater action awaits you.

- Weight: 95 g / 3,2 oz
- Length: 15 cm / 6" body totally 19 cm / 7,5 " long
- Hooks: Oversized heavy duty 4/0 round bent hook
- High quality flat stainless steel split ring for superior strength
- Solid ABS foaming
- Hand painted
- 1,6 mm wire through stainless steel
- Heavy duty stanless steel blade