Silicone RTV High performance 1 kg

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Silicone RTV High performance 1 kg

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This silicone has a good fluidity and gives great detail while still remaining strong.

Note: Pot life and de-mould time are highly dependent on the mixing ratio and Humidity! By adding more than 2% silicone B (hardener) or at high humidity, the pot life and de-mould time are shorter.

* Mixing ratio in weight: A:B = 100:2 (1.5~3)
* Pot life at 20°C: 60 minutes
* Demolding at 20°C - 14 hours
* Hardness: Shore A 23-28
* Tear strength: 43,2 Kg/cm
* Full strength after: 3 days
* Viscosity at 20°C: 25.000 +/- 2.000 mPa s

Example: To 1 kg of A-Comp add preferably 20 grams of B-component. You can vary between 15 grams (1.5%) up to 30 grams (3%). Less or more will inhibit cure or alter the final properties of the rubber.