Silicone - Polyurethan molding 1kg

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Silicone - Polyurethan molding 1kg

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The silicone Condensation DC 3481 with the catalyst 3081 R is a professional 2-component (poly-condensation curing) castable molding silicone which cures at room temperature. The silicone has a good fluidity and gives great detail while still remaining strong. Silicone DC 3481 R is excellently suited for the casting of eg cement, plaster, wax, soap, and many other casting materials but also for aggressive resins like poly urethane, epoxy and polyester.

* Good liquid (self-deairing)
* Easy to mix
* After curing strongly
* Low shrinkage (<0.3%)
* Colour White
* Non-Bleeding

* Mixing ratio in weight: A:B = 100:5
* Pot life at 23°C: 90-120 minutes
* Viscosity mixture at 23°C: 20,000 mPa⋅s
* Hardness: Shore A 18~21
* Tensile strength: 46 Kg/cm2
* Tear strength: 26 Kg/cm
* Extensability till break: 622%
* Linear shrinkage: 0.2-0.4%
* Demold time max: 24 hours
* Full strength after: 3 days

Please note: Pot life and de-mould time are highly dependent on the mixing ratio and Humidity! By adding more than 5% silicone B (hardener) or at high humidity, the pot life and de-mould time are shorter.