Silicone - Lead Molding 1kg

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Silicone - Lead Molding 1kg

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The silicone condensation HT 60 is a 2-component condensation curing casting silicone that cures at room temperature. The silicone is highly filled and suitable for the production of moulds for low temeprature alloys like Zamak, tin or lead.

* Mixing ratio (in weight): A:B = 100:2
* Pot life at 20°C: 40 Minutes
* Demoulding at 20°C: 4 hours
* Full strength after: 3 days
* Hardness: Shore A 60
* Viscosity at 20°C: 11.000 mPa's
* Tear strength: 45 Kg/cm2
* Color: Red Brown