Iridecent Flake Glitter 20 g Yellow

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Tags: Effect, Glitter, Make a rubber lure, Yellow, Make a wooden lure

Iridecent Flake Glitter 20 g Yellow

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Our Iridecent Flake Glitters are thin transparent irregular broken glitters which gives amazing effect when casting rubber baits. They can also be added in epoxy when priming and varnishing hard baits.

These glitters has a tremendous effect, shimmer and depth. They are lifted more if used in combination with darker colors. Often called chameleon effect as they change color depending on light and color tones.

In the pictures, the glitter lies on black versus white backround which gives an idea about the strength of them.

Important to consider when casting rubber baits is that the glitter is less heat resistant than normal glitter so please note to always add it at the end and do not run the plastic too hot.

Please note! This yellow colors is also fluorescent

These glitters are wow !!