Polyurethan Fast Cast - Plastic bait crafting 1kg

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Polyurethan Fast Cast - Plastic bait crafting 1kg

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Axson Fast Cast 160 is an easy to process polyurethane of very high quality. This polyurethane with a mixing ratio of 1: 1 does not give off any oil during setting (hardening).
After curing, the polyurethane is ideal for painting, drilling, sawing, milling and grinding. The Fast Cast 160 is characterized by simple operation and multifunctional applicability (also for thinner parts), but above all by its rapid dimensional stability. After the curing time of 30 minutes, the polyurethane can therefore no longer be bent.

* Mixing ratio by weight: A: B = 1: 1
* Pot life at 20 ° C: 150 seconds
* Curing time at 20 ° C: 30 minutes
* Hardness: Shore D 82

Polyurethane is sinking, but if you want to change the density of your bait, you can add hollow glass bubbles (microballoons) to the resin.

Do not use more than 25% glass bubbles as it reduces the durability of the bait.
Polyurethane comp. A 80 gram + polyutethane comp. B 80 grams + 40 grams of glass bubbles.