Color Pigment 10 g - Fluo Pink

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Tags: Mix colors, Pink, Color, Make a wooden lure, Fluorescent, Make a rubber lure

Color Pigment 10 g - Fluo Pink

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Our color pigments holds a very high quality. They are long-lasting, fine-grained and has many areas of use.

Mix color pigments with epoxy and cover your hard baits your own way. Can also be mixed with Svartzonker plastisol when moulding softbaits. Make a small batch with just some pigment and Svartzonker plastisol in a mix bottle.

You can use some of our color pigments to make your own airbrush colors together with an acrylic medium. However, we do not recommend this because it requires special knowledge of which minerals our color pigments are made of. Also it requires a larger needle for the airbrush which we don´t sell in our store.

Please note! These color pigments are sold in weight and because they contain different types of minerals, the volume in the package may vary. However, the weight is always 10 grams.