Squarepusher 7 cm Blank Un-painted Gold Glitter

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Squarepusher 7 cm Blank Un-painted Gold Glitter

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The Squarepusher is lead-free and easy to fish. It ́s a long casting slider/swimbait that was created 2007. Swims in wide S-curves when steady retrieved.
Fish it fast and erratic with pauses for extra attention.
Our predators can ́t resist it!

• 7 cm
• 20 gram
• Sinking and runs on 0,2 - 2 meters
• Lead free

Now you can buy an unpainted body that you can put your own color set-up on.

Available in transparent as well as gold and silver glitter.

We recommend hook size 4 or 6 and split rings in size 6-7 mm.
The eye sockets are suitable for 6 mm eyes.
These components are not included in the price.