Spinning McTail 96 g / 165 mm Unpainted Gold Glitter

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Spinning McTail 96 g / 165 mm Unpainted Gold Glitter

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The Spinning McTail is the perfect hybrid between a hardbait and a spinner.
It has a slightly belly rolling vibrating body. When retrieved the flashing spinner blade creates a trail that attracts the fish to strike! The blade is attached to a stainless-steel ball bearing swivel.
As soon as the lure hits the water the blade will start to spin. The lure is designed with realistic scales, fins and gills.
Use any type of spinning technique, fast or slow.

• 16,5 cm + blade
• 100 grams
• Sinking and runs on 0,2 - 3 meters
• Lead free
• Stainless steel ball bearing swivel

Now you can buy an unpainted body that you can put your own color set-up on.

We recommend hook size 2/0 or 3/0 and split rings in size 9 mm.
The eye sockets are suitable for 12 mm eyes.
These components are not included in the price.

Available in transparent as well as gold and silver glitter.