McRumbler Slim 10,5 cm Blank Un-painted Holo Foil

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McRumbler Slim 10,5 cm Blank Un-painted Holo Foil

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A new and fun Twitch/jerkbait from Svartzonker. Developed for perch fishing but also works excellently on pike/zander.

The bait cuts out to the sides and vertically, which creates an irregular movement pattern that triggers the fish. If you pause the bait after the twitch, it stops for a second or so and then floats slowly.

You can change the characteristics of the bait with different split rings and hooks. For what we think gives the best balance, follow the sizes in the staple facts below.

* 10.5 cm
* Weight without hook/rings 15g
* Swimming depth 0.2-1.5m
* Lead free
* Long Casting weight system
* Rec. hook size sz 4.
* Rec. Split rings 6mm