McRumbler 7 cm Blank Un-painted Silver Glitter

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McRumbler 7 cm Blank Un-painted Silver Glitter

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The McRumbler is a lead free chunky squarebill crankbait that drives perch crazy!
The slightly overzised lip gives the bait that extra kick and attention and makes the decision easy for our predators.

Fish it static slowly or fast and erratic with pauses.

* 7cm
* 18g
* Floating, swims on 0,8-2 meters
* lead free

Now you can buy an unpainted body that you can put your own color set-up on.

Available in transparent as well as gold and silver glitter.

We recommend hook size 4 or 6 and split rings in size 6-7 mm.
The eye sockets are suitable for 6 mm eyes.
These components are not included in the price.