Airbrush Gun Iwata Neo TRN1

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Airbrush Gun Iwata Neo TRN1

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NEO-TRN1 from Iwata is a perfect airbrush for first-time users. Uniquely developed for use with low air pressure. Thanks to the design, you minimize the risk of ”over-spraying” and maximize control during fine work.
NEO HP-TRN1 is a gravity-fed trigger aibrush equipped with a 0.35mm needle. Comes with double, replaceable color cups of 2 ml (1 / 16oz) and 10 ml (1 / 3oz).

– 0.35 mm nozzle
– 2 ml (1/16 oz.) and 9 ml (1/3 oz) gravity-feed color cup
– Pre-set handle
– for detailed and medium-sized spray patterns