Airbrush Gun Iwata Neo CN

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Airbrush Gun Iwata Neo CN

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Neo CN is a great airbrush for beginners or for you who wants an affordable but great airbrush.
Gravity-fed dual action airbrush that is well suited for detail work with its 0.35mm needle and nozzle.

The large paint cup gives you the opportunity to mix the colors directly in the cup, while the smaller one gives you a better overview of what you are painting.

Alternatively, the airbrush can be used without a cup for quick improvements and "touch ups".

- 0.35 mm nozzle
- 7 ml (1/4 oz.) And 1.8 ml (1/16 oz.) Interchangeable gravity paint cups
- without paint cup 0.9 ml (1/32 oz.) Liquid cavity
- for detailed and medium-sized spray patterns