Hobbynox Airbrush paint 60 ml Glow

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Hobbynox Airbrush paint 60 ml Glow

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Glow color:

Do not forget to use filtered half mask or face mask, in good ventilation and with protective gloves.

Glow Info:
Glow is a transparent effect color that needs to be backed with preferably solid white.

The color of it is a pale yellow/green.
”Load” the effect by shining some light on the painted item it and it will glow in the dark.

It can also be mixed at 5:1 with any Hobbynox Neon Airbrush Colors for a custom effect.

Hobbynox Airbrush Colors:
Our water-based airbrush paint is made with light-fast pigments, durable resins and quality ingredients. Hobbynox Airbrush Colors works on polycarbonate (Lexan®) and most other plastics, fabrics, wood, metals, ceramic, poster boards, glass and more. The colors are water-based and non-toxic. Hobbynox Airbrush Colors remains flexible and resists cracking, chipping and most impact damage.

Hobbynox Airbrush Colors include Opaque (solids), Transparent, Neon, Pearl and Iridescents.

Hobbynox Airbrush Colors work best out of the bottle with a 0.5 mm tip-sized airbrush operated @ 2.8-3.5 BAR. For smaller tip-sizes, lower the BAR settings and fine-line detailed artwork - reduce with Hobbynox SP Reducer/Cleaner (up to 25%).

Hobbynox Airbrush Colors cure with the assistance of mild-heat and airflow.

Items to be painted with Hobbynox Airbrush Colors include:

▪ R/C Polycarbonate Bodyshells
▪ Fishing Lures
▪ Helmets
▪ Model Kits (if the model doesn't have too much details)
▪ Custom Airbrush Paint Jobs

Clear with (if needed):

▪ Hobbynox Intercoat-Clear (dries flat - not meant to be used as a true gloss clear coat)
▪ Automotive Urethane Clear
▪ Many other clear/top coats are compatible - test first

Hobbynox SP Reducer/Cleaner (sold separately):
▪ To be used with Hobbynox Airbrush Colors when a thinner viscosity is wanted/needed.

▪ Generally added 10% per volume to paint. May be added in greater quantities to achieve best viscosity for atomization of paint.

▪ Paint has a 72 hour pot-life after mixing with SP Reducer/Cleaner.

▪ The best airbrush cleaner for Hobbynox Airbrush Colors - especially when the colors are mixed with Hobbynox Intercoat-Clear.

Note! Due to delivery problem caused by Covid-19, some of the jars has a screw cork