Airbrush Evolution Two in One

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Airbrush Evolution Two in One

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Evolution Two in One

The Evolution is really special and a successful piece among the airbrushes. It has a solid system construction, excellent finish and a smooth double-action function which makes the device since its introduction to one of the most widely used airbrushes.

The Evolution two in one has a flow system. The oversized nozzel is very easy to remove and makes it easy to clean. The Two in One models contain two nozzle sets in different sizes, providing fast and flexible conversion of the unit for all applications. Like all Harder & Steenbeck airbrushes the Evolution is also equipped with solvent- resistant PTFE seals. It makes this airbrush the perfect tool for paiting soft plastic lures, when using thinner based colors.

This is Svartzonker’s favourite gun.

Made in Germany.

- Nozzle sets 0.2 mm & 0.4 mm
- Color cups 2 ml & 5 ml
- Nickel-plated
- Silver
- PTFE seals