SZ Real Motoroil - Liquid pigment 10 g

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SZ Real Motoroil - Liquid pigment 10 g

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Our Real Motoroil liquid color pigment 10 grams is a "Genuine" motoroil that changes color after UV light, from brown to light red to green.
It's highly concentrated, completely transparent and it's the same pigments that Svartzonker uses in all there motoroil-colored products.

IMPORTANT !!! Remember to always mix / shake / stir the can with the motoroil liquid as the pigment is on the bottom of the jar. Works fine to put a nut in the jar and shake properly.

NOTE !!! To get the correct texture of your motoroil color, mix with 50 ml of plastisol in a mixing bottle.
Keep in mind that motoroil dye on other colors!