McRumbler Slim 105 mm/17 g Nors - BBK

Category: Hard bait

McRumbler Slim 105 mm/17 g Nors - BBK

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The McRumbler slim is a lead free slow floating jerkbait with erratic darting action.
Moving up-down and side to side with great hang time on the pause.
It has a long-casting system for more accurate and longer casts.
Steel weights for rattle.
With its “clickiti-clocking” sound, super slick colors and fleeing bait fish action that predatory fish can ́t resist.

* 1 pack
* 10,5cm
* 17g
* Swimming deapth 0,2-1,5m
* Lead free
* Long Casting weight system
* Suitable hook size sz 4.
* Suitable Split rings 6mm
* Designed in Sweden by Svartzonker