Airbrush Ultra Two in one

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Airbrush Ultra Two in one

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The airbrush comes with our new 0.45mm head set, which supercedes the detail capability of our previous 0.4mm headset whilst offering greater user friendliness, and painting versatility. And of course, in true H&S spirit, the new system is fully backwardly compatible for those of you who already own H&S airbrushes.
You’ll enjoy the practicality of the supplied 5ml cup, but if you want to have uninterrupted line of sight for a high detail feature, simply remove the 5m cup and enjoy the integrated micro-cup socket within the airbrush body for small amounts of colour.
We recommend any single piston compressor capable of running an airbrush up to approximately 25psi.

* Three radical new features: Start Control, Colour Control and Clog Control.

* Hole for the cup is larger, and more stable. It also functions as a Micro-cup replacing the 2ml cup.

* New design of 5ml cup – reshaped internally for easier cleaning and larger capacity in a smaller shape

* The head is our new 0.45mm headset – finer performance than the 0.4mm but easier to use.

* This 0.45mm is the new 0.4mm – all markings stay the same, and everything is compatible with the old 0.4mm