Plastisol color ready mix 50g Cheese

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Plastisol color ready mix 50g Cheese

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Svartzonker Plastisol Color
A super-concentrated ready-mixed plastisol color that comes in many great shades and colors.

It differs from many similar colors on the market, manily because it almost doesn't bleed/dye onto other baits and it has a lot of color pigments.

It´s concentrated and the ready-made baits can be mixed in your tackle box, simply a magical product!
Shake the paint for a while before use so that it blends properly. It's great to put a small nut into the bottle to help mix it.

When using the fluorescent colors, mix them with your plastisol before heating.

The correct color effect appears when the plastisol is heated, so don't add too much color from the beginning. Try it out as you go.