SZ RTV Silicon Top Notch 1 kg ECO green

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SZ RTV Silicon Top Notch 1 kg ECO green

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Svartzonker Sweden's Green Top Notch RTV is an environmentally friendly silicone.
It's extremely durable, heat resistant, lightweight and "easy to work with" silicone with long durability, made for those shapes that require Super fine detail reproduction.
Svartzonker Sweden's Green Top Notch RTV Silicone is a two-component silicon that mixes 50/50 with hardener. After mixing, the silicone has a working time of 30-40 minutes depending on room temperature. The silicone cures for 3-5 hours at normal room temperature, 20-25 degrees.
The color of the hardener is turquoise to easier see that it´s prperly mixed.

NOTE! This silicone is not compatible with our All Duty silicone and therefore cannot be mixed. Shelf life is one year from date of purchase.

The Top Notch silicone is also incompatible with molding finished jigs in plastisol. If you want to cast a master in plastisol, we recommend using our All Duty silicone instead.