BIO Certified lure epoxy 710 gram

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BIO Certified lure epoxy 710 gram

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GreenCast Epoxy is an epoxy created with the latest innovations in biobased chemistry. Among other things, the brightness and performance have improved.
This widely applicable epoxy casting resin has excellent properties. Suitable for casting objects, jewelery, prototypes, river tables, etc ...
* Mixing ratio by weight: A:B = 100:42
* Mixing ratio by volume: A:B = 100:50
* The very low reactivity makes a high casting thickness possible
* Very clear. Even with thick castings
* Cures at room temperature
* Virtually odorless
* Easy to mix
* Excellent degassing (deaeration)
* Excellent impact resistance and temperature resistance
* Good UV resistance
* BIO Certified (ASTM D6866 or XP CEN / TS 16640)