Softbait Quick Dip 50 ml Fluo Yellow

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Softbait Quick Dip 50 ml Fluo Yellow

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Quick Dip is a fantastic game changer, a color for your rubberbaits and tails that can be used everywhere. At home or on the lake and in both cold and warm weather.
Quick dip comes in a metallic jar with a bigger opening to easily dye and dip your favorite tail or paddle without tools or brushes.

Quick dip has a great adhesion and works to dip, brush or dot with a sponge. With Quick Dip you can paint your burbot or perch pattern, eyes, or make hot talls super easy and without an airbrush.
The drying time is around 2-7 minutes depending on how much you use. You´ll get the best results if the color sets overnight before use.

Keep in mind that Quick Dip becomes quite hard so it is not optimal to paint the entire bait or bigger parts.

Be sure to always shake the bottle before use, wash the rubber bait with thinner or acetone and work in a well ventilated area.
Color splashes and spill can be washed with acetone.

A magical product that is perfect to bring in your tackle box to make hot tails directly in the boat.