Softbait Paint Sparkling Red Gold Transparent - 60ml

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Softbait Paint Sparkling Red Gold Transparent - 60ml

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Airbrush BrightBaits Pearl

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A well-proven softbait paint that according to many is one of the best on the market.
The colors are very easy to work with and really etches to your baits.
For the absolute best result we recommend that the bait is washed thoroughly with ultra cleaner. Rub with cleanser to remove grease and oils from your bait. Let it dry for about: 20-30 minutes before painting.
Shake your bottle well before use and be sure to seal the lid properly to avoid evaporation or contamination. After painting, apply clear glosscoat for a shiny and glossy finish.

Always use a safety mask with chemical filters and good ventilations. These colors contains solvents.
If you're under 18, you should ask an adult to supervise.
Use an airbrush with 0.3-0.5mm tip.