CAB paint 50 ml Effect

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CAB paint 50 ml Effect

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CAB soft bait paint

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CAB softball paint is an amazing product to use when painting softbaits.

The color is mixed and packed by hand in Tampere Finland, by CAB-Coating and because of this, there can be paint in the cap when it´s opened.

CAB softbait paint is very fluid and easy to work with. Dries extremely fast and gives the bait a matted finish.
This paint works really well with plastisol and etches on to the material.

Available in five types:

- Opaque: Covering color with many areas of use. Sometimes you need to mix the Opaka with transparent clear to get a thinner color with better fixing.

- Transparent: Semi covering colors. Wonderful to work with when working up different color casts.

- Effect metallic: Clear pearl colors with different effect depending on the light. These colors are often called highlights. Especially comes to its right when painted on to dark colors.

- Pearl: Covering metallic that suits all colors. Perfect to use when painting scales or similar patterns.

- Fluorescencent: Strong colors who gives a powerful effect when the UV-lights are high. Perfect for striking points.

Always use a safety mask with chemical filters and good ventilations. These colors contains solvents.
If you're under 18, you should ask an adult to supervise.
Use an airbrush with 0.3-0.5mm tip.
Most softbaits gets oily, therefore you need to wipe them with alcohol, acetone, thinner or dish-soap. Always let your baits dry before painting them.
Clean your airbrush with acetone, thinner or alcohol but be gentle with the gaskets.

Paint with multiple thin layers, rather than a thick one.
Always leave your baits to dry for a couple of hours when you are done.
To get a shinier finish, grease up your baits with, for example a clear cooking-oil.

Check out the talented Mikko Okkonen AKA SolarFallbaits video about CAB colors!