Pro Color Airbrush Opacque Black 30 ml

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Pro Color Airbrush Opacque Black 30 ml

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Airbrushfärg Pro Color

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Pro-Color is just as it sounds a real professional color.
Stunning, easy to paint water-based high quality acrylic airbrush paint that fits all sizes of nozzles as the color is thin and has a super fine and covering color pigment.

Pro-Color is very long lasting and dries quickly.
The optimal color for details, fine and super-scale patterns.
If you have tried to paint with thicker airbrush colors that you've made thinner and still not like the result, this is the color for you.

They come in a wide variety of colors and some odd transparent colors that are magical for some more natural color patterns. The pearl colors are crazy good.

Svartzonkers absolute favorite color for pearl scales, fins and natural patterns.

Check them out, they are amazing!

Comes in a 30 ml drip-proof bottle.