Ticsaren 17cm - C22 Sunrise Carp

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Ticsaren 17cm - C22 Sunrise Carp

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Ticsaren is one of Svartzonker Sweden's most classic lures. It was hand made the first time in 2007 out of wood.

It’s a so-called belly glider that's very easy to fish. It has an easy side to side and nice jerky vibration.

It’s slow sinking, with a great hang time and swims shallow without breaking the surface.

You can fish it with most types of gear, jerk, spinning and casting.

In normal retrieve it swims in large S curves with a small twitch in every turn. With classic jerk style it glides smoothly side to side in wide or short glides depending on the speed and it vibrates like a wounded bait fish each time you pause.

Ticsaren is made of one piece molded ABS plastic with weights made of zinc and stainless steel wire through. It’s extremely durable and fishes well not only on pike and musky, but also on all types of saltwater fish.

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