Half mask 3M 4251+

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Half mask 3M 4251+

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Half mask 3M

3M ™ Maintenance-free half mask 4251 is an efficient and convenient maintenance-free half mask for protection against organic vapor and particles that are commonly found in industry.

- The low profile design provides better field of view.
- Low weight and balanced design.
- Soft and non-allergenic material with structured face sealing.
- Exhalation valve is centrally located, which facilitates evacuation of heat and moisture.
- Adjustable head bracket and neck strap with quick attachment.
- Respiratory protection should not be used if damaged, particulate filter is clogged or gas filter is saturated
- This mask has fixed filters ie. they are not changeable. When the filter is clogged, the mask is consumed.

Note! When you don't use the mask, put it in a sealed bag. That will amke your mask last longer