Gulff Resin 15 ml Ambulance Yellow

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Gulff Resin 15 ml Ambulance Yellow

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Ambulance Yellow 15ml- 100% opaque resin with fluorescent yellow effect.

Gulff Resin cures by the light from a UV lamp, we recommend using Gulff Pro 365nm / 3w UV lamp. The curing of a clear resin takes about 5 seconds, while a colored resin requires a little more lighting. Perfect when you want to make your own custom eyes, strike points on a hook, color lead heads or get a smooth finish on flashabou or bucktail.

A cured resin has a matt or glossy surface, depending on your choice of color, but is always tack-free if it is cured properly. If the surface feel sticky, it is time to review the battery on your UV lamp. Therefore, make sure to always have fully charge light for best results.
Always use a good breathing mask with a chemical filter and good ventilation when working with resin.
If you are under 18, you should ask an adult for help.