BeShad silicon mold 21 cm

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BeShad silicon mold 21 cm

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BeShad 21 cm weighs 60 grams and have pre maid eye sockets. Betesbyggarkioskens 10mm 3-d eyes are a perfect match with this Shad.
Easy rigged bait that swims well with all types of rigs. We recommend Svartzonker Swedens stinger tackle, size Medium for best result.
Moves trough the water with lots of belly flash and fast paddle movements.
check out the movie below!
Our molds are made of high quality silicon that can stand heat really well and will stay with you for many moldings. Easy-poured and very durable!
The backpart of this mould (tailpart) have small tear marks. This is perfectly normal and standard when moulding baits with big paddles. Doesn't effect the movements of the bait.