Auto-Air Flair Tint Blue/Copper 120 ml

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Auto-Air Flair Tint Blue/Copper 120 ml

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Flair series are holographic, color-shifting colors. Hi-Lite Interference Colors are accent pearl-flakes best applied in sparing amounts for subtle, shimmering effects similar to fish scales.

Auto-Air is a pioneer when it comes to water-based custom paints and airbrush paints. Proven, durable and unique. The colors are constantly evolving with the help of the latest technology and materials.
The colors are widely used in custom painting of car parts and helmets and are very popular as they have extremely finely divided metal pigments that give wonderful shifts and life to your baits.
Auto airs colors are based on a high degree of metal pigments and flakes that reproduce various iridescent highlights and pearl effects. Many of them have the same type of effect that real fish scales have.